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Your home is in Maryland and you have received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose, an Order to Docket, or a Notice of Auction Date.


What Should you do???


1.  Stay in your home.


2.  Watch out for foreclosure scams.

*Anyone guaranteeing to save your home in exchange for thousands of dollars in upfront fees - especially someone located   outside of Maryland - is a BIG red flag.

*If in doubt, contact the Office of the Maryland Attorney General at 410.317.0059


3.  Protect your retirement savings.

 *You may be able to save your home an keep your retirement plan intact. 

 *Early withdrawls from a retirment plan may subject you to a large tax obligation.


4.  Get help from a Maryland Attorney who is experienced in foreclosure defense!

*The attorney should also be familiar with and able to assist you with loan modification programs and processes.  

*He/she should be able to represent you in a foreclosure mediation hearing. 

*The attorney should be able to help you with your other creditors, including the IRS.

*If necessary to save your home, the attorney should be able to file a Chapter 13.


If you do not want to save your home, the right attorney can help work with the lender to make the transition out of the house as smooth as possible.  

In addition he/she and may be able to obtain "cash for keys" for you. 

But, remember, do not leave your home without talking with an experienced foreclosure attorney.


If you cannot afford an attorney, contact MVLS (Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Service).  

If you qualify, they may have a pro-bono (free) attorney who will help you. 


The Law Office of Wayne Clark, LLC is available to help you with your foreclosure issues.  Our practice is limited to loan modifications, mediation hearings, debt relief, short sales, taxes resulting from deficiencies, and Chapter 13 protection.   We can help you.  We also work with MVLS on pro-bono representation. consumer protection and the issues that arise in, or related to, foreclosures.  So whether you need help or just want to know more about your rights and obligations -

Take the first step!     Call us - 410.317.0059